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Experience - 50MW - 140 MWh

Learn About Microgrids

Design Build Labs (DBL) is a full-service design, project management, and general contracting firm. We have deep experience with utility scale battery energy storage, commercial redevelopment, and complex entitlements.

Our team is committed to finding a better way, all the time. We are capable of performing everything needed on any project. Our internal teams self-perform CAD/Revit/BIM drawing, entitlement expediting, and general contracting.

What is BESS?

Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that can store energy from different sources and discharge it when needed. BESS consists of one or more batteries and can be used to balance the electric grid, provide backup power, improve grid stability and save on common utility costs.

2023 Energy Code

The 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Title 24, Part 6 (Energy Code) requires Solar Power and Energy Storage to be integrated into all future commercial structures in California, effective January 1st, 2023

Microgrids Concept

Proprietary systems for installing solar and battery storage into new and existing commercial office projects.


5-10 YEAR


3X - 8X Return
(20 YRS)



Vertically Integrated Solutions

DBL provides end-to-end energy solutions for commercial customers to save money on energy bills as well as to comply with California’s new building standards.

Nano Grid Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems

Energy Calculations

Financial Analysis






Energy Goal Maximization

Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM)
Get Payment for participating in CAISO demand response program.

Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

Receive finnancial incentives for the installation of energy storage.

Time of Use Energy Arbitrage (TOU)

Maximaze Energy Arbitrage value by shifting loads from on-peak to off-peak hours

Energy Storage goals vary widely. We can program the control software to maximize intended results.

Tax Benefits

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) dedicates $369 billion to support energy and climate initiatives.

Tax Incentives lower the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Costs

The cost of the solar and storage can be lowered by tax incentives available in the new (IRA).

The IRA includes tax incentives that provide long-term certainty to commercial customers.

The IRA also now covers standalone storage. Previously, storage could only claim the tax credit if tied to solar.

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