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Expert Witness

Introduction + Commitments

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Design Build Labs (DBL) is a vertically integrated design, consulting, and construction firm.  In addition to design and construction, DBL provides: expert witness consulting, non destructive investigation and testimony.  To support corrective efforts, we also provide  design development, cloud based task management, construction management and procurement recommendations.



We have a deep understanding of construction standards and terms: a factor that puts us in a position to discuss methodologies, processes, and materials used in the project as well as technical language, industry standards, and complex issues.
We have the ability to assess the conditions relevant to each individual legal case, to prepare reports documented with examples and photographs, and communicate the technical aspects to the attorneys. We are experienced in providing assistance with mediation, testimony in depositions, and testimony in court.



Our expertise and experience give us a unique perspective to review building conditions that could be subject to lawsuits. In addition, we can identify design and construction flaws and conditions that have been improperly designed and installed. We also assess when alleged construction defects have actually been designed and constructed properly.



When serving as construction expert witnesses, there are several tasks we may be required to perform as part of our services. The DBL services for legal proceedings typically involve the following actions:

   - Review documents provided by the attorney. We will first look for
conflicts that would prevent our involvement and then obtain information about the case.
   - Visit the site to review and photograph existing conditions. 

If additional site investigation is required, we will develop an inspection and testing protocol and direct invasive investigation when required.

   - When additional inspections, testing, and invasive inspection is to be performed by others, we will be at the site to observe and photograph the testing and investigation being carried out by other parties.
   - Our work includes reviewing the file information and expert reports provided by others. We compare that information to our findings and start developing disputes to that information when required.
   - Meet with the attorneys we are assisting to discuss our findings as they compare to allegations related to the legal case. We then present our understanding of the conditions at the site and an overall summary of what can be included in our report and how we will be able to support our opinions.
   - As design and construction professionals, we assist with reviewing the potential method of remediation and the potential construction cost to perform the remediation.
   - We prepare reports to document our findings and include examples and photographs to exhibit and support our findings.
   - When required, we will assist the attorney by participating in the mediation and arbitration processes.
   - With many cases, we are required to appear and be deposed by the attorneys for the other parties in the case.
   - When required, we testify in court.



Our consulting services focus on effectively allocating risk, minimizing costs and delays, managing resources, and encouraging best practice that helps ensure the smooth running of the project. We provide support at every stage, with a dedicated point of contact and ready access to our team, we work closely with you to deliver the insight and assistance you need.  

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