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A Better Approach for Superior Results.


Design Build Labs (DBL) is a full service design, project management, and general contracting firm. We excel at team building, team leadership and procurement. We have unique experience with commercial tenant improvements, restaurants, retail, engineering retrofits, and utility scale energy storage. We are a certified small and woman owned business.

Procurement Machine

DBL is a procurement management machine. We recognize that the selection of consultants, contractors and other vendors is critical to the budget, schedule and overall success of the project mission. We believe that writing a clear and concise solicitation package is the key to getting the most qualified and competitive response. We know that having benchmarks and specialize analysis tools are the keys to a quantified recommendation.


Each project has a minimum of 30% principal involvement which include principal involvement at all meetings. The people you see on day one are the people who will be involved for the entire scope of our involvement.


Our team is committed to finding a better way, all the time. We are capable of contracting for everything needed on any project. Our internal teams self perform CAD/Revit/BIM drawing, entitlement expediting, and general contracting. We subcontract for engineering and sub trades, like electrical and plumbing, that require special licences.

Technology Prowess

DBL is the most advanced user of cloud based project management systems and the only consulting firm of our kind to use proprietary crowdsourcing consensus tools to ensure higher success rates on our projects. DBL's proprietary technology and analysis platform that clarifies complexity. More than the technology itself, it's the commitment to maximizing technology that sets everyone at DBL apart.



We price our projects very carefully to avoid the need to change. We believe that the credibility and fairness of our pricing are directly tied to our ability to succeed on your behalf.

Overall Commitments

Complete responsibility for the project. Design, construction, fixtures and furniture under one roof. Increible people with incredible tools. DBL is small but mighty. Large firm experience with the agility of a boutique shop. We help make better decisions faster.

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